Seeing is believing, and Africa's beauty is unsurpassable! We invite you to join us on a voluntourism journey. Fly to Nairobi, meet our GBP colleagues, choose a work project according to your skills and interests, visit development projects that make a lasting difference, fly off to safari, then spend some funds shopping for fabrics in the markets for our new bag products, sew in the sewing rooms.

Despite the state of the world, concerned people have helped to increase life expectancy from 46 years to 66.1 years, half the under-five mortality rate and the preventable child deaths. Hundreds of thousands of people have lifted themselves from beneath the poverty line through microcredit loans, water accessibility and purification has improved. More and more women and girls are being educated.

Be a part of the team that is bringing hope and life to thousands.

Let us know if you are interested in a Kenya Voluntourism Adventure by contacting us at .

Getting Involved is Easy

There are numerous ways to join the Global Bag Project team. The most obvious is to buy and use our Kanga cloth bags.

Give Bags as Gifts

Host a Bag Party

Buy a Sewing Machine

Involve Your Small Group

Travel to Kenya with Us

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