Each Africa Bag has a Story

Imagine how satisfied you'll feel each time you carry one of these unique designer shopping bags from Africa. Not only are you an ecological advocate doing your share to preserve the planet, your donation/purchase gave hope to a mother who is eager for work, and a husband who can’t find regular employment, and their children who now have enough to eat.

Pass along the message of the Global Bag Project with the DVD tucked into the pocket of each designer shopping bag. Each bag has a story.

When you buy our designer shopping bags, you provide a sustainable income for women who desire meaningful work and fair wages and dignity through accomplishment. Many, though not all, are HIV/AIDS widows who live with their children in Kibera, one of the largest slums in Africa. Due to the AIDS pandemic on this continent, orphaned children are raising orphaned children. This is a catastrophe the Global Bag Project team would like to help prevent. In the slums, health care is inadequate; no waste management systems exist. Electricity is erratic. Clean water supplies are scarce and drinking water is often impure. Survival obviously is an every day struggle.

HIV/AIDS widows or not, all our bag-producers seek a better life for their families. Hard workers, often amazingly joyful, each woman takes pride in performing good work, and all are grateful to be able to provide basic necessities for their growing families. With just a little help, hidden entrepreneurial skills begin to rise to the surface. We encourage our bag–producers to find local markets for their products.

Remember these women and their families each time you carry your Global Bag Project designer shopping bags.

Large: 19" wide 14" deep and has 1 external pocket with a coin purse and 6 internal pockets, two carry straps that are 13" tall each, plus stiff bottom to the bag for carrying heavy items.
Medium: 15.5" wide x 14" tall x 7" deep
Small: 12.5" wide x 9.5" tall x 6" deep

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