Ten fun facts about Kenya

Fact 1:
Around 39 million people live in Kenya.

Fact 2:
Kenya was a British colony between 1895 and 1963.

Fact 3:
Most of the people in Kenya are either very rich or very poor. Very few people fall in the middle category.

Fact 4:
Kenya only has only two seasons. One rainy season and one dry season.

Fact 5:
The capital of Kenya is Nairobi.

Fact 6:
Kenya borders to the big Lake Victoria.

Fact 7:
Jomo Kenyatta National Airport is the biggest airport in East Africa.

Fact 8:
The official name of Kenya in Swahili are Jamhuri y Kenya.

Fact 9:
Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya with a height of 5,199 meters.

Fact 10:
The majority of the people in Kenya are Protestants.

Global Bag Project women at market
Women sitting on the ground at their textile and shoes stand
in an open market place, while waiting for customers.

Global Bag Project - young acrobats at bamburi beach.jpg
Young acrobats at Bamburi Beach next to
Bamburi Beach Hotel, Mombasa-Malindi Road,
Mombasa, Kenya.
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