Africa Bags

We've made this as easy as possible. We will ship out boxes with 40 reusable shopping Africa bags (large and medium sizes), which you do not have to pay for! Our bag parties only take 90 minutes for your friends' and family's time. We have provided a step-by-step guide to giving a bag party, suggestions as to how to set up a bag display, and clear instructions as far as how to handle monies so that our return to bag-producers will be quick and timely. If you are interested, please contact us @
Reusable Shopping Africa Bags
This is the Divers Book Club who all bought reusable shopping Africa bags. Their club was written up in a section of the Chicago Tribune with this photo.

A party with 10 people averages $500-$600 worth of sales. A party with 20 people averages $1000-$1200 of sales. This is a lot of return for a minimal of work.

Getting Involved is Easy

There are numerous ways to join the Global Bag Project team. The most obvious is to buy and use our Kanga cloth bags.

Give Bags as Gifts

Host a Bag Party

Buy a Sewing Machine

Involve Your Small Group

Travel to Kenya with Us

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