Give Bag as Gifts

Order from the Bags/Store page on this website. Many people prefer eco-friendly gifts.

All the bags have a CD with a bag-producer story (every bag has a story) tucked in the outside pocket.

Remember that many youth are more "green" than their parents; they love to carry these bags and give them to teachers and sponsors!

Give a bag as a Gift to:
  - Friends
  - Family
  - Neighbors
  - Small Group members
  - Teachers
  - Coaches

For Special Occasions:
  - Birthdays

Getting Involved is Easy

There are numerous ways to join the Global Bag Project team. The most obvious is to buy and use our Kanga cloth bags.

Give Bags as Gifts

Host a Bag Party

Buy a Sewing Machine

Involve Your Small Group

Travel to Kenya with Us

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