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Global Bag Project
"The Aprons Are Coming! The Aprons Are Coming!"

Our Aprons are the perfect conversation starter as you wear them when you are entertaining guests or making dinner preparations
We have an order for 60 aprons that never got paid for! The women in the sewing center in Nairobi, Kenya made the aprons but the organization from which the order came cancelled this contract. So a friend is carrying 60 aprons — 40 of which are coming to the States this month — made from East African kanga–cloth home in a suitcase. This is a traditional cotton fabric that when washed gently and touched up with with a hot iron looks good as new.

Apronsóremember these?
  • Use these when company comes as a kitchen fashion statement.
  • Tie one over your head as a sunshield if you get stranded on a deserted island with no palm tree shelter.
  • Order in quantity for those servers for an all-church event. Remind everyone to think globally.
  • Buy one for a husband or son or son-in-law who need a reminder that help is welcome in the kitchen.
  • Buy a set (probably different designs and colors) that says team labor is always better than solo work.
  • Protect clothes from food spills.

Contact info@globalbagproject. org. We will figure s/h on your order and get back to you with e-mail instructions.
Mother’s Day Is Coming! Mother’s Day Is Coming! May 11, 2014

We think these beautiful aprons with a global touch would make perfect Mother’s Day gifts— a gift for mothers that will help mothers who are willing to work hard to lift themselves above the poverty line.
Global Bag Project Reusable Shopping Bags
The aprons normally sell for $25 each, but if you buy in quantities of three or more, we will reduce the price to $20 each plus shipping and handling. Order as soon as possible, so we will have time to ship to you before Mother’s Day (or ship to your location of choice).

Evidence seems to suggest that kanga-cloth aprons encourage happy cooking on the part of some formerly cooking-challenged males. Further longitudinal studies are needed for something more than anecdotal proof.