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An Urgent Prayer Request for Jeremy Mains
Global Bag Project : Karen Mains Last week, David and Karen Mains’ 40 year old son, Jeremy Mains was admitted to ICU. Here is the most recent post from Karen Mains. Please keep Jeremy in your hearts and prayers as well as David and Karen and their family.

Jeremy, our son, was moved to Rush University Hospital, for treatment in oncology/blood cancer ward. His condition is rare––acute lymphoblastic leukemia––onset has been about 2 1/2 weeks. The question is: can his body stand extremely aggressive form of chemo? The "tumor/mass" in his abdominal area seems intertwined with small intestine. If chemo shrinks this, The doctors are concerned this will compromise wall of intestine––tear, perforate––that would be huge negative complication! This kind of cancer is treatable––original oncologists even use word "curable." Jeremy is lucid, walked with assistance around ICU today, understands severity of his condition. "I am not afraid. Would love to live a long life to be my wife & children, but if God takes me, I have peace." However, in midst of physical depletion, questioned doctor as to what he could do now to assist in his condition.

Jeremy speaks Mandarine, teaches as an adjunct Spanish Professor at Wheaton College, heads an immigration counseling service and freelances with his brother–in–law for Accenture’s creative media department, Q–Center. He has 3 children, ages 5, 3, 7 months. Wife Angela is stalwart, but we are all dealing with fatigue from the initial shock and the rapidity of bad news. I bid gentle & tender prayers for us all tonight, that the "Bright Ones" will attend us, that the advancing disease will be unaccountably halted. Christ is Lord even of weary, assaulted bodies. We include all of you with distresses under the umbrella of prayers of the 1000’s who are now interceding for Jeremy Mains & his family.
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