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Give the meaningful gift that everyone loves—in time for Christmas!
Global Bag Project :: African Bags
Looking for just the right gift for someone special? Global Bag Project African bags are the perfect choice! When you give this way, you empower and bless women in Africa, providing them with meaningful employment and steady income. But more than that, your gift provides a cheerful, colorful, environmentally-friendly bag that can be used over and over for all kinds of duties—groceries, the gym, loaded with gifts, as a tote for teachers or leaders—the ideas are endless!
Buy an African Bag, Feed a Family!
There’s still time to order these special bags for Christmas gift-giving. Just click HERE and we’ll ship
your order within 48 hours through Monday, December 20! Note: Colors available are: red, green,
yellow, purple and brown. Other colors available in the New Year.
A Word from Karen Mains
Karen Mains, Executive Director of Global Bag Project, makers of African bags
We are humbled at the GBP office by the people who stand forth to help us sell the African bags:
So many volunteers have hosted home parties, giving us good holiday sales.
We need to schedule home parties for January and February. After Christmas sales, there is a shopping lull. However, women still need work—children still need to be fed and clothed, rent still needs to be paid, school fees still come due. If you want to sign up for a St. Patrick’s Day party, for instance, there is time to have green patterned kanga-cloth African bags made. Let us know at info@globalbagproject.com.
Remember: the e-commerce is up on the Global Bag Project Web site, www.globalobagproject.com. You can order your African bags online. However, if you are ordering more than eight bags, give us a call at the office (630)-293-4500 . We can save you money on shipping.
Use bags as gift bags. It’s a great idea to stuff gifts into the GBP African bags and finish it off with a pretty ribbon. The card in the bag in the photo reads: “Dinner Reservations at Charlie Trotter’s for Two.”
Invite friends or family to make a group donation to give a commercial grade sewing machine ($300) to a trained Global Bag Project bag-maker. We have given away six machines and have money for one-and-a-half more! We need more machines as the GBP bag-makers are continually training other women.
Become a donor: Five donors are giving $30 a month ($360) to increase the strategic Internet footprints to our Web site. We need another five to pledge or give this amount. This will match a loan of generously given to us for this purpose by the Alive and Well Foundation.
Volunteer to set up a table or booth and sell African bags at a local craft exhibit or a “green” convention, or a church fair trade event. We have displayed bags at four church events this fall with good revenues from each.
Great Shopping Ideas
At a recent church fair trade exhibit in McHenry County, outside of Chicago, someone commented, “Oh, I’ve seen lots of people carrying these African bags in grocery stores!” After a quick count, we realized that seven home parties and one trade fair had been held in that area.
So our great shopping idea is: Go for multiplication!
Jeannie Bader (along with her husband, Bruce) has held four parties in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Two more parties are being planned—as long as Jeannie does the presentation.
Hold a home party and challenge your guests to hold two more parties, with the idea that two daughter parties will emerge out of the parent party. See if you can saturate your community with these beautiful reusable shopping bags. Proudly know that when you buy one bag, you feed a family for a week!