Every African Eco Friendly Bag Has A Story:

Both Sides of the Sea
Africa – from Project Manager Mary Ogalo

Photo of sewing graduates with GBP Director Mary Ogalo and some board members.

We had a wonderful day yesterday. I am still ovewhelmed at the joy I saw from the women who were graduating. I did not know this meant so much for them. I believe that they felt that they are no longer spectators in life, but participants in developing their lives. All women who were training including Mary Nduta (our first seamstress and designer) came with their families to witness their graduation.

Mary , our dedicated Global Bag Project Kenya Project Coordinator. She guides our women in creating fabulous Handmade Handbags.

At around one in the afternoon in our usual meeting place — the Domestic Science room of the African International University, 11 women walked proudly to receive their well–deserved certificate. Completely dressed in a ceremonial gown and cap they made for themselves, each one of them held up their certificate to the applauding crowd. I had told them that God would be visiting us in a very special way that morning — God visiting to affirm his love and care. Through their smiles, laughter and happy chatter with relatives, I could tell God had visited and broken down the strongholds of despair and shame.

Their dream to own the first asset in the form of a sewing machine came true. The members of the Board, Jeremiah, Jared and Priscilla, together with Esther Hall, Pastor Amani (who preached) and George Ogalo surrounded the women in prayer. We also shared lunch together.

Would you like to donate toward a sewing machine to replace the ones given to graduating seamstresses? We will soon have another eight women learning to sew. The cost for an industrial–strength, dual–powered (electrical and foot pedal) machine is $300 (24,000 kenya shillings). We award a sewing machine to each woman who graduates so that they can set up a cottage industry in their own homes, taking work from clients, one of which is the Global Bag Project. You can donate using PayPal on the Web site, www.GlobalBagProject.com or you can write a check to GBP and mail it to Box 30, Wheaton, IL 60187.

God bless you for the prayers and support we receive from you.

The USA Side of the Story

Girl Scout Troop 436 helped us promote our African Bags.
Girl Socut Troop 436 helped us promote our African Eco Friendly Bags.

Girl Scout Troop 436 from Richmond, Illinois held a Global Bag Project party as a means of earning one of the famous Girl Scout badges. At a Girl Scout meeting before the party, they researched the ecological impact of plastic bags on our environment. Reports and posters were made and presented at the party to which mothers, friends and family had been invited. Carla Boelkens presented the Global Bag Project story and was extremely impressed by the girls’ knowledge of what they had learned and by their enthusiasm to make a difference by purchasing and carrying reusable shopping bags. Most of the girls had saved their own money to purchase bags (the Moms helped a little bit). We sold $500 worth of product. Yeah Girl Scout Troop 436. Got any Girl Scouts (Brownies, Boy Scouts, 4–H members) in your family who need badges? We’ll send out a Party in A Box. Let us know: info@globalbagproject.org.

Great Shopping Ideas

Mom would look stylish on this new and colorful Kanga-cloth Aprons. She would also love African Bags as gifts.

These African Bags are perfect gifts for a wonderful Mother like yours.

Everyday is always a perfect day to give gifts especially to our loved ones. Our re-usable, African eco friendly bags make perfect birthday gifts. Are you looking for something new and different to get your mom this year? These unique bags are made of kanga cloth, which is washable in cold water. This gift won't fade or die, but rather, it has so many uses: to cart groceries, an overnight bag, to carry toys to the grandkids house when babysitting, to keep yarn and knitting supplies next to your favorite chair, a book bag when going to the library, etc.

Last year we provided 100's of handmade shopping bags for Christmas celebrations in churches. These are wonderful orders and keep the Global Bag Project seamstresses busy with work and income. However, if you are going to make a large holiday order, will you please do so before Labor Day? This will insure completion on time and also give us the margin to ship your order to the States.

Our web site has a new look (and it’s faster). Visit us at www.globalbagproject.org to place your orders. Please contact Carla Boelkens, our GBP Director at info@globalbagproject.org or order online.