Every African Bag Has A Story:

Both Sides of the Sea
Africa – from Project Manager Mary Ogalo

Photo of a Global Bag Project sewing student creating a reusable shopping bag.

We got 12 good quality Singer–type machines at 8300 each. That was a miracle price compared to what I got 3 years ago for the same type of machine. Last week we began our weekly trainings with 11 women who are very excited to begin this journey — 8 from Dagorreti area and 3 from Kibera.

I will be going down to Kibera to interview and recruit 1–2 more women. I have 3 more machines at the workshop which can get some good use for training and I am looking into recruiting ladies to fill them up. So eventually I will have a class of 15 ladies. Pray that God will guide me to the right people who He has sent for this time.

We continue to uphold the Jeremy and his wide family to the Lord. He is present with you!

~ ~ Mary O.

8300 KSH (Kenyan Shillings) is equivalent to approximately $ 105.00 USD. Because Mary was able to purchase so many machines at one time, the cost was more than half of the typical rate.

Thank you to all who contributed toward sewing machines for this next group of women who will learn a new skill to bring food, education and a future to their children.

In addition to donating sewing machines, you can contribute to the on–going work of the Global Bag Project in Nairobi, Kenya in other meaningful ways–purchase a reusable shopping bag on our website or give a donation for our Kenya Project Coordinator’s monthly salary.


The USA Side of the Story – What’s A Daughter/Granddaughter Party?

These ladies love the size, the sturdiness, the inner pockets, the little coin purse that make up the classic Reusable shopping bags.
These ladies love the size, the sturdiness, the inner pockets, the little coin purse that make up the classic Resuable Shopping Bags.

Thank you to Willow Crystal Lake for inviting us to be a vendor at their first Compassion and Justice Expo May 18, 2013. It was a blast meeting like–minded individuals coming together to learn, advocate and plan next steps for reaching out to our community, city and world in compassion.

We need to grow our "home party" network. A year ago, on average, a party with 10 guests sold from $500–$600 worth of products. Parties with around 20 guests sold $1000–$1200 worth of products. The proceeds from these sales help women below the poverty line feed their families, pay for rent, and send their children to school.

A home party is well worth the effort of compassionate women who care about the state of other women worldwide.

A daughter party is when someone from the mother party holds a party of her own. A granddaughter party is when someone from the daughter party holds a party of her own.

If you are interested in helping us employ some 1000 African women by 2017, then throw a home party, sell some bags, sign up a couple of "daughter parties," and in five years, we all may be able to proudly say: "You know what? We helped to make a difference in the world."

How about holding a home party? We send you a Party in a Box, which includes bags, an instruction manual that walks your through the set up, a thank you kanga–cloth hostess apron, and clear directions on how to collect sales funds and transfer them to the Global Bag Project office. You invite friends, family, church or small group members, neighbors, or work colleagues.

Our growth from Home Parties comes from daughter/granddaugter parties. This chart explains how:

Party In A Box

Host a Party in a Box with Reusable Shopping bags and feed the children of Africa.

You don’t have to be in the Chicago area to give your friends and family the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a woman affected by disease and poverty in Kenya. We’ll provide all that you need to host a Global Bag Project Shopping Bags Party or to add a mission or humanitarian aspect to your event.

Or we can do special–order gift bags or wine bags with your corporate logo. We will work with you on design and implementation. Consider this great opportunity now, remembering that we need several months lead time to joyfully complete your project. Email Carla to get your order or schedule your party today!