Every African Bag Has A Story:

Salome’s Story

Salome with Baby Eunice.

Salome is one of our excellent seamstresses in Kenya. We first met her when Mary Ogalo, Project Coordinator of Global Bag Project Kenya, reported that she had appeared at the sewing workshop on the campus of Africa International University to continue her training - just four days after giving birth to a daughter, little Eunice.

Makeover roof and floor work in progress.

Salome had walked a mile each way because of the thought of losing the opportunity to be trained that could possibly change her life for the better. She was separated from her husband and supporting her five children - a girl of 19 years; another girl, 16; a boy, 13; a girl, 9; and little Eunice.

The women took her home, gathered food, and cared for her. Salome lived with her children in a house that looked much like a box. Feeling so much love, Salome is now a Christian and an excellent maker of African Bags.

This spring a voluntourism group (WOW) from Canada stayed in the Kijiji Guest Houses on the campus of Africa International University, which allows GBP to use their Domestic Arts room for their sewing center. Some of the women volunteered to "flip" Salome's house.

After makeover. WOW ladies with Salome and her 5th child - Eunice.

Salome's brother – the guy on the roof (see photo above) was very supportive and he mobilized his other relatives to come to help with hard-man work like roofing and sawing timber.

It took them around 5 hours to get the house flipped and around 18000 kshs excluding labour which Salome's relatives and WOW ladies offered in-kind! We always encourage community participation for ownership and accountability.

Salome now wears an ear-to-ear smile after she got a house makeover/houseflip from WOW safari ladies. There are also other "flipping" opportunities around. We have Njambi's house in Dagoretti and Carol's house in Kibera.

How Do We "Flip" A House?

  1. Level earthen floor.
  2. Remove old iron sheets that are leaking and replace them with new ones.
  3. Revarnish furniture.
  4. Put up a new wall cloth – makes the tin house warmer and 'cozier'.
  5. Replace worn-out seat cushions.
  6. Redecorate storage shelves.
  7. Rearrange the house.

Voluntourism Trip to Kenya in 2012

Your visit to Kenya will be a life-changing experience as you interface with this incredible country, its delightful animals and geography, and its most hospitable people. Never leave the same again!

Your visit to Kenya will be a life-changing experience as you interface with this incredible country, its delightful animals and geography, and its most hospitable people. Never leave the same again!

The Global Bag Project is sponsoring a voluntourism (working and tourism combined) trip to Kenya. Our dates are: Arrive in Nairobi September 29, head for home October 9, 2012.

Here are a few of the things we expect to do:

Kenyan houses which need flipping.

The cost of the trip will be $3,500 for the land fee, not including air flight (a group of us will travel from Chicago together but we have discovered that others have mileage points, want to stop in London, or vacation on the way back in Italy so experience has taught us not to try to arrange this). This fee includes land costs—housing, most meals, in-country travel, flights to Massa Mara, safari as well as a stipend to spend capitalizing new bag products, shopping for fabrics for the sewing room, building an emergency fund for our African colleagues, purchasing sewing machines, or buying decorating items and bedding for the Kijiji Guest House guest rooms. You will be receipted for this stipend as a donation.

Contact Karen Mains at karen@hungrysouls.org. Our Mainstay Ministries office phone is 630–293–4500. If I am not in, leave a message and I will return your call.

Great Shopping Ideas

Mom would look stylish on this new and colorful Kanga-cloth Aprons. She would also love African Bags as gifts.

These African Bags are perfect gifts for a wonderful Mother like yours.

It's never too early to plan for Mother's Day. Our re-usable, eco-friendly bags from Africa make perfect Mother's Day gifts. Are you looking for something new and different to get mom this year? These unique bags are made of kanga cloth, which is washable in cold water. This gift won't fade or die, but rather, it has so many uses: to cart groceries, an overnight bag, to carry toys to the grandkids house when babysitting, to keep yarn and knitting supplies next to your favorite chair, a book bag when going to the library, etc.

Our web site has a new look (and it’s faster). Visit us at www.globalbagproject.org to place your orders. Please contact Carla Boelkens, our GBP Director at carla@globalbagproject.org or order online.