Reusable Shopping Bags

While the cost of a home sewing machine is around $200, we have discovered that it is preferable to purchase a commercial, industrial machine for $350. These break down less and are durable. Because our sewing colleagues in Africa sew mostly in relationship circles, some of the machines are shared in sewing studios. All are trained to sew the bag products according to quality control standards. When you donate money for a machine, we will send you information about where it is being used and who is using it. All the machines are dual power, bought in-country, and many repairs are handled by the women who use the machines.

Getting Involved is Easy

There are numerous ways to join the Global Bag Project team. The most obvious is to buy and use our Kanga cloth bags.

Give Bags as Gifts

Host a Bag Party

Buy a Sewing Machine

Involve Your Small Group

Travel to Kenya with Us

Reusable Shopping Bags
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