About Us

The Global Bag Project is a division of Mainstay Ministries, which has been in existence as a non-profit 501(c)3 since its inception in 1939. As such, we are able to receipt all donations for reusable shopping bags minus the raw costs of the product. Since we are not a for-profit organization, larger margins can be provided for fair wages for the bag producers and for building the Global Bag Project infrastructure in developing countries.

Pam Klein is, first of all, a lover of God and her family. In addition, she works as a voice talent and an actress (with SAG and AFTRA memberships to prove it). She's a writer (check out her children's book, SWING), a content provider, editor and the producer of the Walk the Way radio program. Pam is happiest at making anything and traveling to see God's amazing world and precious people! Her husband is the Pastor of Jericho Road Church in Wheaton, Illinois, where Pam heads up the Mission Strategy Team. People who talk about Pam frequently mention that she has this wonderful capacity to give them her undivided attention.

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