About Us

The Global Bag Project is a division of Mainstay Ministries, which has been in existence as a non-profit 501(c)3 since its inception in 1939. As such, we are able to receipt all donations for reusable shopping bags minus the raw costs of the product. Since we are not a for-profit organization, larger margins can be provided for fair wages for the bag producers and for building the Global Bag Project infrastructure in developing countries.

Mary Thamari is our first paid staff heading up the Global Bag Project in Kenya. She is finishing a Master's Degree in missions and is passionate about justice issues.

Mary is the Project manager in Nairobi and is in charge of developing this microenterprise project in such a way that it can become a model of other bag-producing ventures in other parts of the world.

Mary completed her Masters in Missions studies in 2010 where she wrote a thesis on poverty mitigation models used by NGOs in Kibera slums with emphasis on strategies with JamiiBora, a micro credit organization.

Mary's husband is working on his Doctor of Theology degree at Africa International University. To get better acquainted with Mary, watch her narration on the use of kanga-cloth by East African women. She worked in front of the camera totally without script.

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