About Us

The Global Bag Project is a division of Mainstay Ministries, which has been in existence as a non-profit 501(c)3 since its inception in 1939. As such, we are able to receipt all donations for reusable shopping bags minus the raw costs of the product. Since we are not a for-profit organization, larger margins can be provided for fair wages for the bag producers and for building the Global Bag Project infrastructure in developing countries.

David Mains is the Director of Mainstay Ministries, which seeks to design tools that will help churches help their people grow. A pragmatic theologian, David constantly asks, "How can this spiritual truth be made real?" David planted a church in inner Chicago in 1967 that became a model of churches around the country. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from Roberts Wesleyan College for his contributions to the national church.

David spent 20 years as the voice on the Chapel of the Air, a national radio ministry that aired over 500 times daily. He created the 50-day Spiritual Adventures, and he produced the television show You Need to Know, for which he was awarded the National Religious Broadcasters "producer of the Year" award. David has travelled internationally, and is keenly aware of the suffering of impoverished people. He and his wife, Karen jointly launched the Global bag Project.

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